Express and Collect Colostrum

Primo-Lacto: Closed Colostrum Collection System Optimises Recovery

Primo-Lacto improves colostrum collection by 75% and is the preferred method by mums and nurses/LCs over standard practice in hospitals.

Each unit contains:

2 x adaptor sets to fit double breast-pump

1 x funnel for hand expressing, and instructions


We supply Maternity Units, NICU, Special Care, LC’s, NAS Australia and NZ.


Primo-Lacto® improves colostrum collection by 75% and is the preferred method by mums and nurses/LCs over standard practice in hospitals. Maternal Life’s clinical pilot study was conducted at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, John Muir Hospital, and Indiana Memorial Hospital of South Bend, USA

Primo-Lacto® is suitable for all mothers who wish to express and collect colostrum. The system is easy to use, effective and hygienic, providing optimal colostrum collection and delivery. This method of expressing and collecting can be managed by the parents and does not require time-consuming staff assistance; Creating Opportunities for Parent Empowerment (COPE) and is valuable family-centred care. Expressing colostrum, by a combination of hand expressing and pumping, assists in the establish of successful breastfeeding. It is also beneficial to use Primo-Lacto® if the mother can’t or won’t breastfeed but has colostrum to collect, being for well, sick or premature baby. By using Primo-Lacto® colostrum collection is improved by 75% when hand expressing, and 45% when pumping, compared to standard practice in hospital. This is significant and has tremendous, short and long term, health benefits for all babies.

Primo-Lacto® is available in two designs;

1. Primo-Lacto® ENFit® Syringe Design, meeting ISO 80369 stage 3

2. Primo-Lacto® Slip-Fit Syringe Design

Primo-Lacto® Video Demo By Maternal Life

Only one 3 day kit is required per mother. 16 Primo-Lacto® systems per box. This kit for expressing and collecting colostrum includes one funnel for hand expressing and two adaptors+cups for pumping. (One adaptor+cup showing in image)

Primo-Lacto® system is used at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns, the largest birthing hospital in California. Dr Nancy Wight, the hospital’s much respected Neonatologist was influential in this system being implemented June 2017

Combining hand techniques with electric pumping increases milk production in mothers of preterm infants. Morton et al. J Perinatology 2009

Combining hand techniques with electric pumping increases the caloric content of milk in mothers of preterm infants Morton et al. J Perinatology 2012

Bulk purchase of only the funnel or the tiny cup (see image above) is available to units that require a system for hand expressing only. This is also an option for hospitals not using Medela pumps which this complete Primo-Lacto® system is designed to fit. Primo-Lacto for alternative brands will be available in the future. You will only need the funnel or the tiny cup, not both. 200/ box. One cup or funnel is required per mother for 1-3 days.

Oral Colostrum Priming (OCP) saves hospitals money by reducing length of stay: Shorter Hospital Stays With Colostrum Journal of Perinatology (2017), 36 – 41

For improved comfort and let down wear Breast-Warmers 20-30 min prior to expressing. If possible hold baby in Kangaroo Zak while expressing.

Study Results: Click here for study results from three participating hospitals. Poster here: Primo-Lacto- a closed system for colostrum collection

Primo-Lacto® VIDEO demonstrates model 1 for ENFit system. 

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Breastfeeding a sick or premature baby can be challenging for moms and clinicians. Every baby deserves to have the best nutritional start, and every mom deserves to understand that their colostrum is the best food for their baby the first few days of life. I hope Primo-Lacto will empower new mothers who can’t breastfeed right away, or who choose not to embark on a full course of breastfeeding, to supply their newborn with the incredible antibodies and nutritional value their colostrum contains.   – Jules Sherman, CEO Maternal Life

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