About Simple Solutions International

Simple Solutions International ® was established 2001 and is an Australian-owned and family operated business supplying health care products globally.

Delivering Simple Health Solutions Worldwide

How It All Began

Ann-Marie has a professional background in Neonatal Intensive Care in Sweden, where the commitment to health, safety, non-invasive and genuine products began 30 years ago. This experience and passion was brought into Simple Solutions International forming the company 2001. It is our commitment to bring outstanding products, reliability and service to all hospitals, staff, patients, parents and babies.

The realisation that the best quality, most reliable, simple solutions, and genuine products did not have a given space in the health care sector formed the fundamental reason to start Simple Solutions International in 2001. Shortcuts, resistance to change and the way funding is allocated for the short term, has become the norm and expected, often at the detriment of steady progress and better health care outcomes.

We work closely with health professionals, quality manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to improve process standard, safety and preventative health care. We support the much needed review of funding allocations to achieve improved long term outcomes, health and safety, for those we work with, care for and are responsible for.

We offer Health Care Industry Solutions in Theatre, Obstetrics, Rehabilitation, NICU, Maternity and Breastfeeding Services.

Directly to families we supply a range of safe, gentle and effective breastfeeding products, organic baby products and reusable menstrual products. Safer products for your family is our commitment to you.

We deliver simple health solutions worldwide, supplying healthcare products to hospitals, retailers and consumers. Call us today for all supply queries.

Please contact us for additional information or if you like us to source something in particular for you.