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Breast-Warmers™ Silk & Wool, the safe breastfeeding aid for mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, expressing, and nipple vasospasm. Breast-Warmers™provide GENTLE warmth and keeps the breast dry with two layers 100% Swedish Merino wool, and one layer 100% soft silk tricot. Wool from the pristine Swedish island of Gotland, completely free from chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Can be worn together with nursing pad if required. Thin, pliable and wonderfully soft!
Eliminate the risk of burning breast-tissue and baby by only using safe Breast-Warmers™. First, do no harm.
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Milk-Savers Collection Breast Shells. Easily collect leaking breast milk, protect sore nipples and help flat and inverted nipples. Simple Solution’s Milk-Savers Breast Shells fits inside the bra and collects the milk instead of wasting it to nursing pads. Includes two soft silicon membranes making them comfortable to wear. Wear Breast Shells over NurseEZ to prevent them falling off.

Dr. Nice 100% Natural Breast Gel, healing and soothing for cracked and sore nipples, prevents bacteria and fungal build-up, forms a skin like protective layer. Apply cool for a thin soothing layer, or at room temperature for a thicker layer. Hygienic roller ball applicator. Does not need to be washed off, safe for both mum and baby, more effective than lanolin and breast milk itself. By Dr Frank J. Nice.

Non- Surgical Solution for Flat and Inverted Nipples. One pair of soft silicone cups. Control the level of pull suction you are comfortable with by increasing or decreasing how much you squeeze the cups, remove and adjust as required. NurseEZ by Marsha Bearden RN, IBCLC, RLC

Simple Solutions International provides an extensive range of breastfeeding and lactation aid products to help new mothers in Australia and worldwide breastfeed safely and painlessly.

Birth and Breastfeeding Gown. The Ahhh so comfortable hospital gown! BG Gown is a wrap style made of soft jersey, the stretch fabric gives the soon-to-be-mom the freedom to move and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat, give birth and breastfeed. The BG labour and birth hospital gown aids easier breastfeeding and bonding. The Zaky ZAK can be worn underneath for safe skin-to-skin. Developed by Cindy Lintel Midwife of 32 years, made in New York USA

The Zaky ZAK, previously known as Kangaroo Zak, for safe skin-to-skin and optimal breastfeeding start. It’s the only innovative device ergonomically designed with the sole objective of facilitating safe, prolonged, and effective kangaroo care sessions in the NICU and Postpartum. Wear immediately after birth including in O.R following Caesarian Section by placing it underneath the mother in advance. Assists safe holding with delayed cord-clamping. Zak ZAK provides comfort, proper positioning, and sense of security to the baby, virtually eliminates the risk of accidental falls and slipping that causes dislodging of medical equipment. It also facilitates immediate access to the baby in case of emergency and is the only device in the market that facilitates hands-free holding. For maximum safety Zaky ZAK is thin and light in colour so positioning and fluids are easy to see.
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Beibamboo Best for Baby. Hospital Range for Preemies and Newborns. Main Collection Range 3-7 mo. Scandinavian award winning design, 50% bamboo and 50% organic cottonOur hospital NICU range has a fully opening design that takes essential tubes and wires into account. Using our hospital range means that parents themselves can perform simple everyday tasks like changing their child’s clothes or nappies, thus bonding with and actively caring for their child. This not only frees up the hospital staff’s time saving money, but has also been proven to speed up the baby’s recovery, qualifying as a Family Centred Developmental Care tool.

More about Breast-Warmers™ 

The Safe Breastfeeding Aid

Breast-Warmers™ Silk & Wool, provide effective breastfeeding aid for mastitis, blocked ducts, engorgement, expressing and nipple vasospasm (Raynaud’s phenomenon). Breast-Warmers™ provide warm breastfeeding therapy in an effective, continuous and safe way that is practical and convenient. This is wonderful soft, comfortable and easy to use lactation aid.

This warm breastfeeding therapy is warm as long as it’s worn, no heating, no boiling, no microwaving. The safe breast aid, with no risk of burning and inconsistent or uncomfortable heat. Breast-Warmers™ are made of 100% Merino wool from the Swedish pristine island of Gotland, cover with soothing 100% silk. Breast-Warmers™ are never hot, instead they provide effective, gentle and safe warmth.

How to get the most out of Breast-Warmers™ for vasospasm, blocked ducts and Mastitis

Wear Breast-Warmers™ as needed; for a short time just before a feed, or even all day and night, just slip inside the bra or crop-top as required. This gentle warmth effectively relieves pain and discomfort and helps the milk to flow better. Simply wear as you find comfortable and helpful.

Safe Breast-Warmers™ Be aware of anything that you need to heat up, which poses a risk of causing serious damage to breast tissue. The key is to have gentle warmth, not heat. These provide safe and gentle warmth for as long as they are worn, over and over again, wash after wash. We supply these to customers and hospitals worldwide.

Breast-Warmers™ made of two layers Swedish 100% Merino wool and one layer 100% silk tricot, thin, soft and pliable.
They fit flat inside the bra with the narrow end towards the armpit. as they need to cover the milk ducts in order to be most effective.The breast aid may help in reduction of breast pain due to hormonal changes, menopause and post-surgery. Check with your surgeon if this is applicable to you.

Warming the breasts 20 min before expressing increases the milk yield according to a 2014 study.

Mastitis Fact Sheet
 by Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne


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More about Dr. Nice Breast Gel 

Sore nipples from nursing? Skin painful, cracked, chapped, or chafed?
Dr. Nice is here to help!
  • For sore and cracked nipplesHealing and soothing for cracked and sore nipples
  • Prevents bacteria and fungal build-up
  • Forms a skin like protective layer
  • Apply cool for a thin soothing layer, or at room temperature for a thicker layer.
  • Hygienic pump bottle with roller ball applicator
  • Does not need to be washed off, safe for both mum and baby
  • Studies show it’s more effective than lanolin
  • 100% natural.
  • Made with peppermint oil

Dr Nice Breast Gel is a unique 100% natural gel with instant cooling relief to sore nipples. It is made of natural components with an advanced biocompatible hydrogel formulation. It provides instant cooling relief to soothe and heal sore nipples and then forms a skin-like protective film on the nipple area. Simple, easy to use, hygienic and safe for both mum and baby. It creates an optimal environment that prevents bacteria and fungal buildup. The product is associated with fewer nipple cracks and is more effective than placebo, lanolin, and topical breast milk, itself. It is recommended also for prevention of nipple cracks along with teaching better latching techniques at the initiation of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Gel created by one of the world’s leading Medications and Breastfeeding Consultant, Dr. Frank J. Nice. WHO compliant manufacturer.

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Resources and trial results

“Since using the Dr Nice Breast Gel with my lactation clients, they have found it really soothing on their damaged nipples. Cracked, bleeding and blistering of nipples when baby is unable to attach correctly leads to pain and discomfort in breastfeeding mothers, nipples are healing quicker than with any other products I have used. The unique applicator makes it easy to use an apply. As an IBCLC I can highly recommend Dr Nice Breast Gel to any mother who is enduring painful nipples when breastfeeding.” Rebecca Kubenk IBCLC. Blooming in Adelaide, July 2017

Where is Dr Nice Breast Gel used?  Breast Gel Distribution Network
Dr Nice Breast Gel Product Brochure  Breast Gel Binder
A randomized trial of peppermint gel, lanolin ointment, and placebo gel to prevent nipple crack in primiparous breastfeeding women  Manizheh SM et al – , Med Sci Monit, 2007; 13(9): CR406-411 “Download Paper Here 

More About NurseEZ

The Non-Surgical Correction For Flat And Inverted Nipples


  • Sanitise before use, especially if used before breastfeeding.
  • Apply a small amount of olive oil or preferred ointment to areola and nipple.
  • Center cup over nipple and squeeze gently. Keeping rim flat, push into areola, then release.
  • If it does not stay on, repeat, push in deeper and make sure edges are flat all the way round.
  • Use breast shells (Milk-Savers Collection Shells) over NurseEZ if they fall off easily.
  • If suction is too strong, remove and try again, squeezing less before letting go.
  • Practice a few times to find a comfortable suction level.

Please note this product is suitable for anyone who like to draw out flat or inverted nipples, men, women and young adults who like to try this inexpensive, discreet and non-invasive solution.

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Do not wear over 15 minutes the first day. If tolerated well, it may be reapplied later in the day with wearing time increased to 30 minutes.

If no discomfort or pain, advance the time you wear NurseEZ the next day to one hour. If it becomes uncomfortable, reduce suction and wear for shorter intervals. Do not increase time if tenderness, sensitivity, redness or pain is experienced.

Each day slowly increase the time as tolerated. Keep a check on the nipple color while it is being worn as you advance your time during
the early treatment period. You may be able to wear NurseEZ the non-surgical correction for inverted nipples for five to six hours without tenderness. Do not rush treatment time; go by what allows for comfort. Do NOT wear over eight hours in a 24 hour period. If worn for too long or with too strong of suction, they may cause nipple trauma: pain, bleeding, blisters, sores and scabs. Follow instructions carefully.

NurseEZ for non-surgical correction for inverted nipples may be worn for short periods daily for several weeks or months as needed for maintenance.

Pregnancy Use:

Use caution with pregnancy in the last trimester since nipple stimulation may result in Braxton-Hicks type contractions. The suction from
the device is constant and not likely to stimulate nerve endings, but the risk is still there. If contractions are noticed related to wearing
the device, stop use and contact your OB. If you have a history of premature labor, are considered at risk for premature labor, or
especially if you have been prohibited from sexual activity during the pregnancy, do not use the NurseEZ without discussing your
specific situation with your doctor.

If the use of the device must be discontinued, discuss with the OB when to safely resume.
In the last trimester is where problems with use in pregnancy are more likely. Leaking milk may also make wearing it more
difficult as it will dislodge easily. If it fills with colostrum, empty, rinse and reapply.

After delivery:

Wear the silicone thimble 30 minutes prior to feeding baby. If they cause some milk to leak out, the cups may release sooner;
simply empty the milk and re-apply. (The milk may be saved if device is clean and emptied quickly.) REMOVE BEFORE NURSING
Keep out of reach of children as this product could be a choking hazard. Developed by Marsha Bearden RN, IBCLC.

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