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Kanmed Baby Bed

Kanmed Baby Bed – the modern way to care for newborn and premature babies.

This new hospital equipment is designed to facilitate the care of newborn premature babies. Good ergonomics and being easy to clean properly is the main features. When combined with the Kanmed Baby Warmer it is a perfect open baby warming system that encourages parent´s involvement in the care giving. The Kanmed Baby Warming system is one of the more cost-efficient medical supplies because of low purchase price, low maintenance and running costs. Usually a premature baby spends its first 1 to 2 weeks in the incubator before it is moved to the BabyWarmer / BabyBed”

Simple Solutions International is proud to be a supplier of the Kanmed Baby Bed, providing the best care for premature and newborn babies in medium and low intensive care situations. The cosy Baby Bed is developed together with neonatal nurses to guarantee a high level of ergonomics. The height of the Baby Bed can easily be electrically adjusted and the see-through sidewalls are easy to fold for the best access to the baby. Ideal for surgical deliveries as the bed can be positioned with the mother’s bed, avoiding compromised safety for baby and mother. The bed comes with a nicely designed tent to reduce the baby’s exposure to light, air condition and sound.

Kanmed Baby Bed offers you many choices, see how you can configure the bed to meet your requirements. Click here 

The Kanmed Baby Warming System is used in hospitals worldwide as a safe and cost-effective alternative to an incubator. Thereby the amount of incubators required can be reduced creating value for the Neonatal Unit. The system is well documented in published medical studies.

  • It is an open ergonomic system that gives easy access to the baby for the nurses and parents.
  • The optimal warming ensures growth rates in gram/day that are equal to or better than most incubators.
  • The baby settles well on the Water Mattress as it imitates being on the mother’s skin. Thereby heart rate, breathing rate, O2 saturation and temperature become stable.
  • It is safe and simple to use and very easy to keep clean.
  • The investment and maintenance cost is low. The safe lifetime is long.

Kangaroo Care, bonding and breast feeding suddenly became easy

Alexander and his brother Philip were born weighing 1200 g and 1400 g. After a week in an incubator they were restless and unhappy which worried their parents. The staff decided to place them in the Twin Kanmed Baby Warming System set to 36,6° C. They quickly fell asleep in each other’s company. Kangaroo Care, bonding and breast feeding became so easy.

Kanmed is a Swedish company specialising in Medical Patient Warming Products. Link to brochures, downloads, references and more about Kanmed 

Merivaara Equipment

Delivery Bed Optima has been designed with the mother, midwife and obstetrician in mind. We have focused particularly on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create a better environment for the mother, newborn and nursing staff.

Delivery Bed Optima 4-motor is the most advanced model offering several electric adjustments for better ergonomics as well as safety features. This model has leg section with height adjustment and tilting. These features provides enhanced possibilities to use various positions during labour.

Delivery Bed Optima 2-motor is quite similar to the 4-motor model, but adjustments for Trendelenburg and leg section are manual in this model. The leg section moves manually in/out under the seat section, but doesn’t feature height adjustment or tilting. Otherwise it’s as ergonomic and safe as the 4-motor model.

Delivery Bed Optima Hydraulic is designed to ensure the best possible usage for the product without the need for electricity power supply. All adjustments in this model are manual. The height of the bed can be adjusted with a hydraulic pedal, the back section adjustment is gas-spring assisted, and the leg section slides manually in and out, just like in the other models.

More about Merivaara
From Merivaara you get operating room equipment and integration systems, surgical tables, medical lights, stretchers, patient trolleys and hospital beds. We provide a wide range of equipment and solutions for hospitals, day surgery and health clinics, as well as for nursing homes and home care.


The jury has reached its decision: Merivaara Q-Flow™ has received the distinction “Red Dot” from the expert committee for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017. With Q-Flow™, Merivaara Corp. has created an outstanding design now recognised with the internationally sought-after seal of quality.

Hospital associated infections are a global problem. For example, in one year in the United States such infections have been estimated to cause 99,000 deaths. The surgical light Q-Flow™ was designed to fight this issue. The shape of the light is optimised for an operating room’s air ventilation and to minimise air flow turbulence. This decreases unwanted particles in the sterile area and reduces the infection risk. See more at


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Simple Solutions International Medical Equipment & Supplies


Sonicaid Team 3 Fetal/Maternal Monitor And The Sonicaid FetalCare 3,  CTG viewing and archiving system which meets the growing demands for centralised electronic patient records.

It combines live reception and viewing of CTG traces from one or more fetal monitors, with a patient database for trace & patient data storage. Full networking capability allows live traces & stored records to be viewed from one or more locations, including remote access for expert referral, consultation, etc.

As one of several options, the powerful Dawes-Redman analysis (now based on ~100,000 traces) provides a powerful objective trace assessment tool, eliminating the problems associated with the traditional, highly subjective, visual interpretation.

It has been designed to be easy to install, easy & intuitive to use, and is highly scale able, making it ideal for use in a wide range of clinical environments from Doctor’s office through to clinic and hospital settings.

CTG Sonicaid FetalCare 3 Brochure PDF

Sonicaid Team 3 Brochure PDF

Huntleigh Dopplers for Delivery in Australia

Our range of Digital Handheld Huntleigh Dopplers includes 3 models.
All models are rechargeable as standard, and can be supplied complete with a medical grade mains charger and cable.

SR2 and SR3

Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with fixed 2MHz or 3MHz waterproof probe models. These high sensitivity handheld Digital Dopplers are intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart at all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labour. The attached probes are waterproof (IPX7) for high sensitivity FHR detection in both normal use and in water birth monitoring. Choose between 2MHz (SR2) or 3MHz (SR3) fixed probe options. The 2MHz model is a general-purpose probe for use at all stages of pregnancy. The 3MHz probe is the probe of choice for many Australian clinicians for use in early gestation. For more information on which is suitable for your needs, talk to Simple Solutions International today.


Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with interchangeable obstetric and vascular probe options. As per the above models but for use with plug-in interchangeable non-waterproof probes. They can be used with the full set of XS probes including the 2 & 3MHz obstetric probes (OP2XS, OP3XS) and the full vascular range of VPxXS probes for audio screening of venous and arterial blood ow. (eg. umbilical / uterine artery)

Huntleigh Doppler Brochure 2017


Using the USB communication port, this new range of Digital handheld Dopplers can now connect to our Sonicaid CTG viewing & archiving software systems, providing robust documentation of the procedure saved directly into the mother’s electronic patient record. Audio and fetal heart rate data can either be transferred in real time, or the data can be stored locally in the Doppler, for subsequent transfer to the software system.

Refer to our software systems promotional material for further information on our software range of products.

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If you have any further enquiries about the Huntleigh Dopplers available or have any further enquiries about the extended list of products available for purchase at Simple Solutions, feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team of staff. We’re always happy to discuss the products we provide, and our level of customer communication is second-to-none. We understand you may have further enquiries about our products in order to find the best to meet your needs.

Call us on (+61) 8 9388 3004 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

Skin-To-Skin Care

Kangaroo Zak for safe skin-to-skin carePractice safe, effective and comfortable skin-to-skin and prevent infant falls.

Part of our extensive range of kangaroo care and evidenced based developmental care products, Zaky ZAK gives the baby safe continuous skin-to-skin contact with the parent and promotes the deep sleep required for growth, development and healing of the brain. It provides a family-centred approach to developmental care for premature babies.

Kangaroo Zak, recently re-branded Zaky ZAK, provides the baby with the correct positioning, comfort and a sense of security while effectively removing the risk of slips and falls, and medical equipment to become displaced. It provides immediate access to the baby in an emergency and is the only device that allows the parents to hold babies of any size without using the hands.

Zaky ZAK is made with natural fibres for a soft, strapless, thin, stretchy and breathable sleep belt that covers the parent’s torso and closes on a selected size with a zipper. There are no added layers, pouch, uneven wrap pressure, buttons or Velcro. The material is thin and light in colour so you can see positioning and fluids for maximum safety. Wear a front open gown over if extra warmth is required, still allowing quick emergency release. Some procedures can still take place by pulling or folding Kangaroo Zak up or down. Express and breastfeed while wearing the baby wrap.

Zaky ZAK is available in two adjustable sizes, making SIX size options:
Size 1 adjusts to Small / Medium / Large.
Size 2 adjusts to XL / 2XL / 3XL.

Breast-Warmers, the safe self-warming breastfeeding aid, can be worn for breast comfort and easily removed from The Zaky ZAK before placing baby skin-to-skin. Parents SHOP HERE for your maternity and baby needs.

The developmental care tool Zaky ZAK (Kangaroo Zak) is used in over 400 hospitals in more than 50 countries.

Monash Children’s Hospital Melbourne is currently implementing Zaky ZAK as a part of their safe and effective skin-to-skin practise and infant fall prevention.Other hospitals that use Zaky ZAK (Kangaroo Zak) for skin-to-skin include Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, Mayo Clinics, Albany Regional Medical Center, Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Wake Forest and Brenner in North Carolina, REX Healthcare and many more!

PUBLIC RELEASE: Parent cleansing paramount prior to skin-to-skin care ASSOCIATION FOR PROFESSIONALS IN INFECTION CONTROL
Minneapolis, June 14, 2018 – Neonatal intensive care units increasingly encourage meaningful touch and skin-to-skin care – aka “kangaroo care” – between parents and premature babies to aid the babies’ development. But a Michigan children’s hospital practicing skin-to-skin care noticed an unwanted side effect in 2016 – a spike in Staphylococcus aureus (SA) infections among newborns.
Hospital staff hypothesized that the two events were connected and implemented a three-part intervention in the small-baby unit that effectively reduced SA infections, according to new research presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

The three interventions introduced to curb SA infections were: increased awareness of
1. Hand hygiene
2. Mandatory education of staff around SA
3. Implementation of parent skin cleansing prior to skin-to-skin care.

Who can be kangarooed: If the baby is in condition to be moved or lifted to be weighed, s/he can be transferred to Kangaroo Care.

Time of holding: No less than one hour per session, and there is no maximum time – the more the better. Since a complete sleep cycle is one hour, it is NOT recommended that the babies are held on kangaroo if the parent cannot hold for at least that long (especially for small preemies as it may cause reverse effects). The stress of the transfer only is outweighed if the baby is held for at least one sleep cycle.

Rule of thumb: preemies are “Kangarooed” for 6 months and full-term babies within one minute from birth until the first feeding and as much as possible for 3 months. Ideally it starts with Birth Kangaroo Care Birth Kangaroo Care Competency Checklist by the USIKC (United States Institute of Kangaroo Care)

To maximize effectiveness of Kangaroo Care sessions, parents and caregivers must have some basic knowledge and understanding of the practise.

What parents need to know before holding baby Kangaroo Care: Learn the benefits of Kangaroo Care and to distinguish signs of stability of the baby and warning signs of instability (to stop the kangaroo session). Learn how to wear the Kangaroo Zak for standing and sitting transfer.

Kangaroo Zak can be opened just enough to allow the baby to sniff and explore the mother’s breasts, for breastfeeding/pumping, and numerous medical interventions while holding. Know that they may do the transfer alone, but ONLY after the training and approval of a medical professional.

Wear Kangaroo Zak (The Zaky ZAK) without anything underneath, with the zippers to the side.  Over it, wear clean comfortable clothing that easily opens in the front or a hospital gown. Remove jewellery that might come in contact with the baby. Refrain from using powder, lotion or perfume on the chest before doing skin-to-skin care. The baby needs to feel the parent’s natural scent.

You must follow the infection prevention protocol set out by the hospital. 

An Ergonomic Approach to NICU Skin-To-Skin Care . The consistent use of The Zaky ZAK (Kangaroo Zak)  can achieve the following results: Support physiological stability and neurobehavioral organisation of preterm infants. Relieve maternal and infant stress. Support family centred developmental care. Improve outcome of maternal breastfeeding. Achieve all the advantages of Kangaroo Care in a safe, consistent and effective way

“Best Practice is Kangaroo Care as soon as possible, for as long as possible, and as uninterrupted as possible”
Nyqvist et al., 2010, May Acta Paediatrica 

We also offer Kangaroo Care Chairs, a range for every hospital budget.
Contact us for information about chairs in NICU and the Maternity Ward.

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