15 Reasons Why The Zaky Zak Is Your Best Choice 

  1. INNOVATION: The Zaky ZAK took 3 years in research, design and development lead by a Phd. in Ergonomics and human factors engineering whom is also a Kangaroo Mom of a baby born at 906 grams. She is a native of Colombia (living in Houston) and became a kangaroo care certified professional working with Kangaroo Care globally.  She was recently being awarded a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to continue Kangaroo Care efforts, and she is the founder of Kangaroo Care Awareness Day celebrated globally on May 15th since 2011.  She has won over 20 awards for innovation, design, and business practices.
  2. SIMPLICITY: The Zaky ZAK is designed to provide independence to the parent – not needing another pair of hands to help wear it.  Designed for parents to do the transfer with the help of clinicians, when necessary.
  3. SUPPORT: The support to the baby goes from the top to the bottom of the zipper, which is the entire height of the device. There is no uneven pressure, thick wrap, buttons or Velcro
  4. FABRICS: The Zaky ZAK is constructed of a comfortable natural, strong, and breathable material.
  5. DELIVERY: The Zaky ZAK can be left fully open and leave under the mom to be closed when the baby is ready to be covered after birth. The other option is for mom to wear The Zaky ZAK and leave it partially open for the baby to come after delivery. The Zaky ZAK is used in any unit where the baby is going after delivery. For the NICU, the parent wears it before moving the baby.  It also can be worn by any adult with the permission of the parents.
  6. FULLY PROVEN IN HOSPITAL SETTINGS: The Zaky ZAK has been used safely since 2010 in hospital clinical settings and has a publication for implementation of Kangaroo Care in NICU.  Other wraps are new to the market following the design of The Zaky ZAK but changing key features.
  7. CONSISTENT FROM SESSION TO SESSION: The Zaky ZAK comes in 3 sizes that fit perfectly, consistently, and reliably to 9 sizes of adults, ranging from 3XS to 3XL. Always consistent fitting and level of containment as parents continue Kangaroo Care after re-applications, and as the baby grows.
  8. TRANSFER, ACCESS, AND EMERGENCY: The zipper gives quicker/quieter access to the baby from the top, bottom and side of the baby for interventions during kangaroo care.  It also allows for immediate release for transfer and including in case of emergent conditions. Any adult can also wear The Zaky ZAK if the incubators/warmers lose power.
  9. STABILITY: The Zaky ZAK supports the baby so s/he does not slip under the fabric (to keep all equipment in place and keep baby safe if the parent falls asleep).
  10. COST EFFECTIVENESS: Over 100 kangaroo care sessions from each of The Zaky ZAK:  The Zaky ZAK can be washed up to 40 times inside the washing bag that comes included. Follow the same washing protocol as the clothing of the babies.
    Effective and safe skin-to-skin reduces length of stay in the NICU which saves considerable hospital costs. See paper here.
  11. COLOUR FOR HOSPITALS: Quick identification of blood as visually apparent with The Zaky ZAK light color vs dark colors used by others that might conceal a medical issue that would need immediate attention.
  12. TRANSFORMING THE CARE THROUGHOUT THE UNIT AND HOSPITAL: The Zaky ZAK is used in every unit in the hospital from delivery (c-section, VBAC or vaginal) and every unit with babies up to 12 lbs, supporting standing and sitting transfer.
  13. SUPPORTS BREASTFEEDING: Lower The Zaky ZAK or partially open the zipper to provide breastfeeding during kangaroo care.
  14. PARENT AND STAFF SATISFACTION: The Zaky ZAK is the number one choice by NICU clinicians for skin to skin care with hundreds of hospitals using it globally.
  15. HELP OTHERS: The Zaky ZAK sales support the donation of The Zaky products to families with critically-ill babies globally.

The Zaky ZAK is formerly known as Kangaroo Zak. It’s the same reliable product with no alterations.

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