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I LOVE IT!!!! It is so much easier to hold skin to skin — I could hold my baby all day with it. The baby is snug and secure. At times I would get up and tend to my other baby when I had one in the Kangaroo Zak.” (The Zaky ZAK) Kangaroo Zak Testimonial

Rebranded The Zaky ZAK 2018

A Greiger -Mother of twins

Mary Coughlin, RN, MS, NNP,  selected Kangaroo Zak (The Zaky ZAK) in her research project in Portugal: The Sobreviver Project (Survive)

Mary Coughlin RN, MS, NNP, founder and president of Caring Essentials Collaborative, LLC has served as their global learning officer since 2010. Ms. Coughlin’s seminal work merging the Joint Commission concept of core measures with developmentally supportive care frames her current passion.

Ms. Coughlin authored the 2011 NANN Guidelines for Age Appropriate Care of the Premature and Critically Ill Hospitalized Infant and most recently authored the book: Transformative Nursing in the NICU: Trauma-informed, Age-appropriate Care (Springer Publishing 2014).

An internationally recognized expert in the field of trauma-informed age-appropriate care in the NICU, Ms. Coughlin has been an invited speaker at various national and international neonatal conferences in addition to her passion in educating, coaching and mentoring NICU clinicians and administrators transforming the NICU culture of care.

Mary Coughlin

As a NICU nurse who sees every day the benefit of Kangaroo Mother Care and the closeness it brings to mothers and infants, I love the Kangaroo Zak. It keeps babies safe and warm and where they belong: close to their mamas.

The Kangaroo Zak is modest enough to wear in the unit (and can be additionally covered with a gown if mom prefers) and opens for easy placement of fragile preemies and babies who are hard to carry due to tubes and wires. I wish I had one when my babies were little. The Kangaroo Zak is comfortable and so very practical. I love them! Health Professional Kangaroo Zak Testimonial


Umber - RN in a NICU in Texas