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Primo-Lacto: a closed system for colostrum collection click here
 Hoyland Medical in WA
Kanmed Baby Bed and Patient Warming Systems

Kanmed BabyBed – the modern way to care for newborn and premature babies. This new hospital equipment is designed to facilitate the care of newborn premature babies. Good ergonomics and being easy to clean properly is the main features. When combined with the Kanmed Baby Warmer it is a perfect open baby warming system that encourages parent´s involvement in the care giving. The Kanmed Baby Warming system is one of the more cost-efficient medical supplies because of low purchase price, low maintenance and running costs. Usually a premature baby spends its first 1 to 2 weeks in the incubator before it is moved to the BabyWarmer / BabyBed”

Simple Solutions International is proud to be a supplier of the Kanmed Baby Bed, providing the best care for premature and newborn babies in medium and low intensive care situations. The cosy Baby Bed is developed together with neonatal nurses to guarantee a high level of ergonomics. The height of the Baby Bed can easily be electrically adjusted and the see-through sidewalls are easy to fold for the best access to the baby. Ideal for surgical deliveries as the bed can be positioned with the mother’s bed, avoiding compromised safety for baby and mother. The bed comes with a nicely designed tent to reduce the baby’s exposure to light, air condition and sound.

Kanmed Baby Bed offers you many choices, see how you can configure the bed to meet your requirements. Click here 

The Kanmed Baby Warming System is used in hospitals worldwide as a safe and cost-effective alternative to an incubator. Thereby the amount of incubators required can be reduced creating value for the Neonatal Unit. The system is well documented in published medical studies.

  • It is an open ergonomic system that gives easy access to the baby for the nurses and parents.
  • The optimal warming ensures growth rates in gram/day that are equal to or better than most incubators.
  • The baby settles well on the Water Mattress as it imitates being on the mother’s skin. Thereby heart rate, breathing rate, O2 saturation and temperature become stable.
  • It is safe and simple to use and very easy to keep clean.
  • The investment and maintenance cost is low. The safe lifetime is long.

Kangaroo Care, bonding and breast feeding suddenly became easy

Alexander and his brother Philip were born weighing 1200 g and 1400 g. After a week in an incubator they were restless and unhappy which worried their parents. The staff decided to place them in the Twin Kanmed Baby Warming System set to 36,6° C. They quickly fell asleep in each other’s company. Kangaroo Care, bonding and breast feeding became so easy.

Kanmed is a Swedish company specialising in Medical Patient Warming Products. Link to brochures, downloads, references and more about Kanmed                 


Huntleigh Digital Handheld Dopplers

New Range of Digital Handheld Dopplers
Choose the model that suits your needs
Our NEW range of Digital Handheld Dopplers includes 3 models.
All models are rechargeable as standard, and can be supplied complete with a medical grade mains charger and cable.

SR2 and SR3

Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with fixed 2MHz or 3MHz waterproof probe models. These high sensitivity handheld Digital Dopplers are intended for general purpose screening of the fetal heart at all stages of pregnancy from as early as 8-10 weeks, right through to labour. The attached probes are waterproof (IPX7) for high sensitivity FHR detection in both normal use and in water birth monitoring. Choose between 2MHz (SR2) or 3MHz (SR3) fixed probe options. The 2MHz model is a general purpose probe for use at all stages of pregnancy. The 3MHz probe is the probe of choice for many clinicians for use in early gestation.

Huntleigh Doppler Brochure


Rate and Trace Display Dopplers with interchangeable obstetric and vascular probe options. As per the above models but for use with plug-in interchangeable non-waterproof probes. They can be used with the full set of XS probes including the 2 & 3MHz obstetric probes (OP2XS, OP3XS) and the full vascular range of VPxXS probes for audio screening of venous and arterial blood flow. (eg. umbilical / uterine artery)

Huntleigh Vascular Range Brochure

Huntleigh CTG Fetal Care

Sonicaid FetalCare 3 is a CTG viewing and archiving system which meets the growing demands for centralised electronic patient records.

It combines live reception and viewing of CTG traces from one or more fetal monitors, with a patient database for trace & patient data storage. Full networking capability allows live traces & stored records to be viewed from one or more locations, including remote access for expert referral, consultation, etc.

As one of several options, the powerful Dawes-Redman analysis (now based on ~100,000 traces) provides a powerful objective trace assessment tool, eliminating the problems associated with the traditional, highly subjective, visual interpretation.

It has been designed to be easy to install, easy & intuitive to use, and is highly scale able, making it ideal for use in a wide range of clinical environments from Doctor’s office through to clinic and hospital settings.

CTG Sonicaid FetalCare 3 Brochure

Here is the NEW SonicAid Team 3 Fetal/Maternal Monitor Brochure


Merivaara Delivery Bed

Delivery Bed Optima

The Delivery Bed Optima has been designed with the mother, midwife and obstetrician in mind. We have focused particularly on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create a better environment for the mother, newborn and nursing staff.

Delivery Bed Optima 4-motor is the most advanced model offering several electric adjustments for better ergonomics as well as safety features. This model has leg section with height adjustment and tilting. These features provides enhanced possibilities to use various positions during labour.

Delivery Bed Optima 2-motor is quite similar to the 4-motor model, but adjustments for Trendelenburg and leg section are manual in this model. The leg section moves manually in/out under the seat section, but doesn’t feature height adjustment or tilting. Otherwise it’s as ergonomic and safe as the 4-motor model.

Delivery Bed Optima hydraulic is designed to ensure the best possible usage for the product without the need for electricity power supply. All adjustments in this model are manual. The height of the bed can be adjusted with a hydraulic pedal, the back section adjustment is gas-spring assisted, and the leg section slides manually in and out, just like in the other models.

More about Merivaara 

From Merivaara you get operating room equipment and integration systems, surgical tables, medical lights, stretchers, patient trolleys and hospital beds. We provide a wide range of equipment and solutions for hospitals, day surgery and health clinics, as well as for nursing homes and home care.


The jury has reached its decision: Merivaara Q-Flow™ has received the distinction “Red Dot” from the expert committee for the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017. With Q-Flow™, Merivaara Corp. has created an outstanding design now recognised with the internationally sought-after seal of quality.

Hospital associated infections are a global problem. For example, in one year in the United States such infections have been estimated to cause 99,000 deaths. The surgical light Q-Flow™ was designed to fight this issue. The shape of the light is optimised for an operating room’s air ventilation and to minimise air flow turbulence. This decreases unwanted particles in the sterile area and reduces the infection risk. See more at

   Nexus Legacy Turning Bed Rehabilitation                 

Nexus Complex Care Spinal Turning Bed and Nexus Rota-Pro-Bario

Nexus complex care spinal turning bed has been developed for the treatment of complex trauma, including multiple injuries, spinal, and spinal cord injuries and acute medical conditions.

Product Description

  • Nexus Complex care spinal turning bed has many assets for patient care
  • Turn/log-roll critically injured patients safely without further trauma or discomfort
  • Reduce multi-system complications such as pressure ulcers, UTIs, & DVTs
  • Prevent pneumonia and septicemia
  • Turn patients with a single operator, freeing staff for other duties
  • Dramatically reduce the physical strain on nursing staff
  • Universally position patients for the treatment of spinal and pelvic injuries, neurological and general trauma, and for physiotherapy during rehabilitation
  • Maintain spinal alignment without compromising care
  • Mechanically-aid patient transfer from point of admission onwards
  • Reduce the need for expensive ECMO treatment
  • Improve patient care, outcomes and recovery times

For more information download Nexus product brochures below and please contact us

Nexus Legacy Complex Care Hospital Bed Brochure PDF

Nexus Legacy Home Bed Rehabilitation Brochure PDF 

Nexus Rota-Pro Chair Bed Brochure PDF

Nexus Rota-Pro-Bario Chair Bed Brochure PDF

(Free delivery, installation and demonstration applicable in Wales and England only)

What is Legacy Complex Care Spinal Turning Bed?    

Legacy is a mechanical turning bed developed for the treatment of complex trauma, including multiple injuries, spinal, and spinal cord injuries. With extensive input from clinicians and specialist nursing staff, its operation has been designed to reduce the physical strain for nursing staff, as well as to preserve patient safety during turning, transfer and treatment.

Patients until now deemed “not for turning” can now be turned safely and comfortably – improving care without compromising their condition, injuring nursing staff or draining resources.

Mechanically turn and log-roll critically injured patients

Legacy‘s unique dual mattress system, innovative “Embrace Hold” position and smooth lateral 30° tilt function secures patients completely, allowing even the most severely injured patients to be turned and rolled safely and without further trauma for all checks and nursing procedures.

Prevent avoidable multi-system complications

Routine turning reduces incidences of secondary complications such as pneumonia, constipation, urinary sepsis, thromboembolism, gastric ulceration and psychological stress. Legacy brings this enormous bene t to the complex care environment.

Eliminate pressure ulcers

The dual mattress system allows one mattress to slide over the other, transferring shear away from the patient. This, with regular turning, and the upper viscoelastic pressure-care mattress, dramatically reduces the risk of ulceration and infection.

Log-roll without staff strain or injury

With Legacy, even full patient log-rolls are strain-free. Nursing staff hold the patient steady while the bed turns. Minimal pushing and pulling is required, and patient discomfort is virtually eliminated. Patients can safely and easily be held at 90° for as long as necessary to complete routine hygiene checks, care procedures & linen changes.

Save time and free-up labour – turn patients to 30° with a single operator

Turning and repositioning patients with cleared spines is now possible with a single member of the nursing team. Thanks to Legacy‘s Embrace Hold position, nursing staff can ensure patients undergoing periods of acute bed rest are routinely turned at the appropriate intervals to redistribute pressure and reduce the duration of fluid stasis – saving precious time and resources and drastically improving patient care.

Easily manage patient nutrition, drug dosage and anaesthesia
Legacy‘s built-in weighing system gives an accurate patient reading with the patient in any position and the bed at any angle of tilt, simplifying basic checks and aiding treatment decisions.

Maintain spinal alignment without compromising care

The reduction in shear, smooth turning/rolling and the viscoelastic properties of the mattress help to keep total spinal alignment.

Turn and re-position without removing traction

Legacy‘s included spinal/skull and lower-limb traction system moves with the patient during turns, avoiding the need for constant re-alignment.

Calm and comfort disturbed patients

The Embrace Hold has been observed to have a calming effect on disturbed patients (particularly those with brain injuries), helping them to feel safe and aiding their psychological recovery from trauma.

Improve prognosis and recovery times

By eliminating secondary complications and keeping focus on the primary cause of hospitalisation, patient outcomes improve, and the recovery period is quicker, reducing through-put times.

MDH Digital Intubation Scopes

Portable:Video Flexible Intubation Scope

ModelA10  ApplicationAnaesthesiology, ER, ICU

Clinical Application:

  1. General airway intubation and difficult airway intubation
  2. Video nasotracheal intubation
  3. Bronchial stopper (cuff) placement and positioning
  4. Double-lumen tube intubation, positioning and position examining

Portable:Video Flexible Intubation Scope

ModelA30  ApplicationAnaesthesiology, ER, ICU

Clinical Application:

  1. Endotracheal/endobronchial examination and intubation
  2. Video nasotracheal intubation
  3. Double-lumen tube intubation, positioning and position examining
  4. Video tracheal secretion suction
  5. Video laryngopharynx topical anaesthesia
  6. Infant intubation (A30)

PortableVideo Rigid Intubation Scopes



  1. Orotracheal intubation
  2. Video intubation
  3. Portable, convenient in training and consultation (doctors)

PortableENT Endoscopes



Clinical Application:

  1. Airway intubation for ENT
  2. Video nasotracheal intubation

PortableUrinary Endoscopes



Clinical Application:

  1. General airway intubation and difficult airway intubation
  2. Video nasotracheal intubation
  3. Double-lumen tube intubation, positioning and position examining
  4. Video tracheal secretion suction
  5. Video laryngopharynx topical anaesthesia
  6. Infant intubation (A30)

Click here for more MDH Digital Scope Information