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TransMotion Stretcher-Chairs

TransMotion TMM4 Patient Stretcher

TransMotion Medical is committed to reducing staff injury, patient fall risk and  improving patient throughput. The TMM4 Series Patient Stretcher-Chair is the perfect solution.
This versatile device can be configured for a department’s specific need through a broad group of structural options (items mounted at the factory) and accessories (items that can be added and removed in the field).In addition it can reduce the amount of equipment needed as it is: a chair, a transport device, a procedure device, a surgical table, and a stretcher. It’s popularly known as a Universal Care Platform. Patients can go from admission, to procedure, to discharge all on ONE surface with no transfers Download Brochure

TransMotion TMM3 Fluoroscopy Chair

The TMM3 Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study (VFSS) Stretcher-Chair is the unit of choice by both Speech-Language  and Radiology Department Staff.It is the only mobile Stretcher-Chair on the market with powered patient positioning for performing Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBS). In addition, its 90-degree rotating seat allows for both Lateral and A/P views. These features reduce MBS procedure time and increases your fluoroscopy suite productivity.The TMM3 fluoroscopy chair converts from chair to stretcher with back, leg and high-low height adjustment at the push of button.  No tiresome hydraulics, pneumatics or manual adjustment of the height, or the back and leg sections. It’s a stretcher, transport device and  procedure chair all in one! Power positioning can reduce the number of in-patient transfers by 50% (from 4 transfers to 2). This saves time and reduces staff injury and patient fall risk.
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TransMotion TMM5 Mobile Surgical Stretcher Chair

TransMotion Medical’s TMM5 Surgical Stretcher-Chairs can be configured with numerous Options (items mounted at the factory).This series provides superior surgeon access with the versatile Articulating Head Piece, tapered back section and lots of leg clearance while in stretcher position.  Thick cushions with memory foam offer exceptional patient comfort, and most importantly The TMM5 features powered positioning for safe patient handling.Utilizing a hand-held pendant allows for easy push-button patient positioning for both back and leg sections as well as a low/high height adjustment. It has a 500 lb. patient weight capacity.
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TransMotion Mammography Biopsy Chair

Our Mammography Biopsy Chair is designed to accommodate the growing number of seated mammography and breast biopsy procedures ordered for patients at hospitals and imaging centers.It’s the only Mammography Stretcher-Chair on the market that offers Powered Patient Positioning. This allows the unit to convert from stretcher to chair and is height adjustable at the touch of a button – for safe patient handling. It features the lowest seat height for easy patient ingress and egress, and a high 500 lb. patient weight capacity.
Medical facilities demanding safer, more efficient processes this stretcher-chair offers the perfect solution!
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All TransMotion Medical Stretcher-Chairs come standard with the Manual Quick Release Back should urgent patient care be required.

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