Tube-Cosy CPAP


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Tube-Cosy CPAP

The insulating effect of the TUBE-COSY® reduces the heat loss from inside the tube, thus reducing condensation/water in the tube and mask and therefore improving your comfort. Giving you a better night’s sleep.

Suitable for adult home/hospital  use and for children on CPAP in hospital including NICU.
Anybody can order it directly from us, we can mail to your home in Australia and internationally.

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Do you have rainout in your CPAP tube and mask, disturbing your sleep?
Do you reduce the temperature on the CPAP machine to reduce the condensation, ending up with less condensation but uncomfortable cold air?

TUBE-COSY®i is the simple solution for improved comfort and a better night’s sleep.

TUBE-COSY® reduces the heat loss from the inside the tube, thus reducing condensation/water in the tube and mask and therefore improving your comfort.

TUBE-COSY®is wrapped around the humidifying tube and seals to itself using Velcro. This feature makes it easy to install and remove.

TUBE-COSY®is removable, washable at 40°C, drip dry, and is therefore reusable and economical.

TUBE-COSY®is made of Flectalon®; aluminium-coated polypropylene foil, cut into very thin strips forming a light and porous wadding. One side of each strip is coated with a 300-Angstrom (millionth of a millimeter) layer of aluminium (0.5 gram/m2 ) Flectalon® lining has a cover made of a light, flexible material.

Flectalon®is a safe material carrying the European CE symbol for safety and quality standard.
Used in Swedish hospitals since 1998

This Tube-Cosy measures 180 x 12 cm. Enquire with us if you need different dimensions. Contact form here.

Research using Flectalon®has shown it to be a very effective insulator compared to other insulating materials(1)
New Insulating Material in Maintenance of Body Temperature” BM Holland et al Archives of Disease in Childhood 1985,60,45 50

4 reviews for Tube-Cosy CPAP

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    I find the Tube-Cosy really helps me sleep better. There is virtually no condensation in the tubing with the Tube-Cosy, so I don’t wake up with water in the mask. It’s easy to put on and take off as well. Excellent, I’m very happy with it!
    John E
    Mandurah WA

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    Tube-Cosy eliminates all the rainout in the tubing for me. I sleep much better now. Tube-Cosy makes the tubing less unpleasant in bed as well, when I did not have it I found the tubing woke me up just by accidently coming in contact with it. With the Tub-Cosy it does not have that cold plastic feel.
    Sarah B
    Carine WA

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    1. Do you have good experience with the Tube-Cosy in Flectalon?
    -Yes, very much
    2. How long have you been using Tube-cosy on the ward?
    -Since 1998
    3. When do you use Tube-Cosy?
    -When we have problems with condensation in the tubing.
    4. What do you think about the product when it comes to care and usefulness?
    -Really good and easy!

    Karin Dackander
    Neonatal Ward
    Astrid Lindgrens Hospital

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    The Tube-Cosy has eliminated condensation from my CPAP air tube. The hose was completely free of condensation after temperatures of -1 C (outside) and 10 C (inside) a few nights ago. Normally, condensation would have formed.
    Your sincerely
    Peter P
    Prospect Vale TAS

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