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Nexus Rota-Pro Chair Bed

Option 1 Safe working load 175kg  Nexus Rota-Pro Chair Bed Brochure PDF

Option 2. Safe working load 260kg  Nexus Rota-Pro-Bario Chair Bed Brochure PDF


Nexus Legacy Complex Care Spinal Turning Bed

Click to download brochure: Nexus Legacy Complex Care Hospital Bed Brochure PDF

Nexus complex care spinal turning bed has been developed for the treatment of complex trauma, including multiple injuries, spinal, and spinal cord injuries and acute medical conditions.

Product Description

  • Nexus Complex care spinal turning bed has many assets for patient care
  • Turn/log-roll critically injured patients safely without further trauma or discomfort
  • Reduce multi-system complications such as pressure ulcers, UTIs, & DVTs
  • Prevent pneumonia and septicemia
  • Turn patients with a single operator, freeing staff for other duties
  • Dramatically reduce the physical strain on nursing staff
  • Universally position patients for the treatment of spinal and pelvic injuries, neurological and general trauma, and for physiotherapy during rehabilitation
  • Maintain spinal alignment without compromising care
  • Mechanically-aid patient transfer from point of admission onwards
  • Reduce the need for expensive ECMO treatment
  • Improve patient care, outcomes and recovery times


Nexus Rehabilitation Bed

Click to download brochure:  Nexus Legacy Home Bed Rehabilitation Brochure PDF 

Improve prognosis and recovery times
By eliminating secondary complications and keeping focus on the primary cause of hospitalisation, patient outcomes improve, and the recovery period is quicker, reducing through-put times.

(Free delivery, installation and demonstration applicable in Wales and England only)