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Shop with Simple Solutions International for all your needs when it comes to Scandinavian organic bamboo baby clothes and breastfeeding products that actually make a difference in your breastfeeding journey. We offer women’s reusable sanitary products for a healthier you and a greener planet.

Our breastfeeding products are easy, effective and safe to use. One of our best sellers are Breast-Warmers Nursing Inserts and Vasospasm Pads from ImseVimse, made in Sweden. We have plenty of breastfeeding products sourced from around the globe to help mum and baby to have a positive breastfeeding experience.

If you have a premature baby in NICU, it’s highly recommended to practice evidence based developmental care by using the well known ZakyZAK (aka Kangaroo Zak) for safe and effective skin-to-skin care (kangaroo care). Zaky ZAK is available from us to fit both mums and dads of different sizes. You can even safely fit twins and triplets in the ZakyZAK (Kangaroo Zak)

We offer Swedish made quality reusable sanitary products for eco conscious women; organic washable menstrual pads and re-usable tampons from ImseVimse, as well as menstrual cups from MonthlyCup. You will save a massively amount of money by ditching disposable sanitary products for ever! Call Ann-Marie directly on the mobile for any personal questions +61 414 270 252