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Promoting warmth with a difference
Over the past 14 months I have trialed the effectiveness of Flectalon® Breast Warmers in relation to treating blocked milk ducts and recurrent mastitis. Clients who have used Breast Warmers have found an improvement regarding the emptying of the breast while feeding and the comfort they provide.
This in turn, has decreased their incidence of blockages in the duct system resulting in an increase in their supply and a more comforted baby.
With today’s focus aiming as preventative medicine, Breast Warmers can be recommended to any client who has a history or has developed breast problems as specified above.
An evaluation study was conducted by the Australian Breastfeeding Association of Australia with positive results; they in turn have given their stamp of approval.

Karen Glenn

Lactation Consultant, Joondalup Health Campus Western Australia

We have used your breast warmers for 5 women who suffer from nipple vasospasm with great success. Three of the women found 80-100% relief while the other two required small doses of Adalat oros to eliminate their symptoms.
We highly recommend the breast warmers to our patients with Reynaud’s of the nipples (vasospasm).

Carolyn Lawlor-Smith Dr. IBCLC and Jill Bruce IBCLC

Chandlers Hill Surgery Adelaide SA Australia

I have been recommending Breast-Warmers for over a decade as an IBCLC and Midwife. Used in combination with physiological strategies and expert advice on lactation, they are a blessing for lactating women experiencing vasospasm, mastitis, blocked ducts and engorgement.

Lois Wattis

RM IBCLC and author of ″New Baby 101 - A Midwife′s Guide for New Parents″. Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

This product may sound strange, but Breast-Warmers enabled me to breastfeed my second child. With our first child I was in hospital with chronic Mastitis and was unable to breastfeed due to Mastitis. While pregnant with our second child I did research, and found these Breast-Warmers.
At first I thought they may be a gimmick, and paid my $40 as I really did want to breastfeed. I used the Breast-Warmers after the birth basically 24h a day. I took them off to wash them and within 2 hours had hard blockages in my breasts developing into Mastitis. I bought a second pair of Breast-Warmers so I could keep them on all the time and still wash them! Another time I took them off about 2 months after the birth and within 12 hours got Mastitis, put the Breast-Warmers back on! I used them 24h a day for the first 4 months. After this time I breastfed without problem until my daughter was 1 year old (3 weeks ago).
I have recommended Flectalon Breast-Warmers to some friends or friends with similar problems and they also thought they were fantastic. I just want to share as these are not a gimmick! They helped me to breastfeed, which I really wanted to do!

Dr Julie Cavanagh

PhD | REPROGEN | The University of Sydney, Camden NSW Australia

After having my second baby I was struggling to feed him. I tried everything I could find to make feeding more comfortable. It wasn’t until a private Lactation consultation that it was determined I was suffering from Nipple Vasospasm. I had never heard of Vasospasm and assumed I was just feeding incorrectly. After a lot of research and tears my husband got in contact with Ann-Marie and ordered me a pair of Breast Warmers. I received them very promptly (next business day), when I saw the parcel I couldn’t contain my excitement, hopefully some relief! Within an hour of wearing the Breast Warmers I noticed a significant improvement and less pain. They are lightweight and really easy to use and I forgot I was wearing them. Feeding is far less painful and my milk supply has improved all within a day.
I can’t thank you enough for your extremely efficient service and for a wonderful product, I just wish I had bought them from day one!


Waurn Ponds, NSW Australia

I developed mastitis when my baby was 3 months old. My left breast was incredibly sore to touch and it hurt to feed, it got to the stage when it was aching without touching it, but I hadn’t developed any fever.
Not wanting to take antibiotics, I thought I should try the breast warmers. Within a couple of hours of wearing the breast warmers, I felt relief from the pain, and after three days and three nights the mastitis had completely disappeared.
The Breast-Warmers are very comfortable to wear and I now wear them all the time. Definitely worth recommending!

Lena W

Perth WA Australia

Thank you so very much to your responsiveness for sending out your fabulous breast warmers. It is so very appreciated considering I know you don’t do this out of regular practice. Your product is brilliant and i can honestly say I would’ve very much given up on breastfeeding without your fantastic breast warmers.
Well done and keep up the good work for us breastfeeding mums.


Sydney NSW Australia

Thank you for your phone call. I suffered with mastitis and had a total of 7 courses of antibiotics. I tried everything to prevent mastitis developing including ultrasound 3 or 4 times a week but it wasn’t till i started wearing the Breast-Warmers full-time that I finally got relief.
I highly recommend them to women who have previously suffered with mastitis to wear them full-time, as soon as their milk comes in.

Esther O.

VIC Australia

Thank you so very much to your responsiveness for sending out your fabulous breast warmers. It is so very appreciated considering I know you don’t do this out of regular practice. Your product is brilliant and i can honestly say I would’ve very much given up on breastfeeding without your fantastic breast warmers.
Well done and keep up the good work for us breastfeeding mums.


Sydney NSW Australia

I was very interested to see how and if the Breast-Warmers do what they say they do. When these arrived they seemed to be well made and durable. Also great to know they are washable. The concept seems fantastic; any product that can ease the pain and take the stress out of feeding and expressing is well worth it.
With my first child I found breastfeeding to be extremely difficult, especially the first 2 months. My let down was extremely slow which just made my baby frustrated. Also expressing was near impossible. I am hoping I have learnt from the experience and feeding the next one will be easier.
Although I am not breast feeding currently I have leaking breasts as I only have a couple of weeks to go before baby number two arrives, so was not sure this product would work. To my surprise they really helped with hand expressing, the let down was very quick.
This is a superb product and great value for money. I would have paid quite a bit to have these with my first baby. Design is brilliant. I cannot wait to use the Breast-Warmers when bub number 2 arrives. A most helpful, natural easy to use product.

Nicole F

Expectant Mum-To Be

When the Breast-Warmers arrived they looked unusual, but interesting and were certainly well made. A fantastic invention, especially as you could use it for a few different things i.e. engorgement or helping with a letdown etc. For me breast feeding has not been particularly easy – something I have had to keep practicing even though I have been lactating now for over 2 years and tandem feeding for almost 4 months. Presently I am tandem feeding both my baby and toddler. However, my toddler is weaning so I have a lot of engorgement problems when my toddler decides he doesn’t want to feed one day but wants to feel like there is not tomorrow the next day.
Breast-Warmers certainly did help me with easing engorgement problems. I did have major issues with expressing prior to using the breast warmers, but now they have helped tremendously. For me this is a superb product and brilliant value for money. Just put these in your bra before a feed or expressing and they work wonderfully. The engorgement and expressing problems I had suffered were definitely eased by using the Breast-Warmers.

Amanda W

Baby Isla 3 Months and Oscar 2 years 2 months, Australia

So far, three mothers who have used them have been very satisfied. All three has had 1 or more (up to 5) bouts of mastitis, and found that the breast warmers helped in a number of ways.
Reduced breast tenderness, lumpiness or ‘thickening’ of the breast after mastitis.
All three had experienced oversupply problems, prior to getting mastitis, and the breast warmers made the supply more manageable. (The supply did not increase further – one of my concerns)
One mother has experienced ‘shooting pains’ in her breasts for 6 weeks, this settled after using the breast warmers.
Breasts more comfortable after using the breast warmers during times of engorgement (eg when baby slept through the night and/or times of appetite increase).
None have had mastitis since using the Breast- Warmers.
I have found all mothers experimented readily with them due to their ease of use (i.e. no bathing breasts, heating packs (in microwave etc), portable and convenient, and unobtrusive when in use.
One mother who had experienced 2 severe and acute bouts of mastitis (requiring hospitalisation and IV antibiotics), and didn’t have the Breast-Warmers ’till after the second bout, describes the breast warmers as her ‘security blanket’ – either wearing them or in the nappy bag wherever she goes.
I will recommend these to mothers whenever appropriate for all of the above reasons: – these give mothers, immediate relief and i really like their ‘non-invasive’ nature, and particularly the ease of use.

Wendy Wright

IBCLC, Geelong VIC Australia

Breast-Warmers have been used on the Maternity Ward at Bunbury regional hospital since 2001. Midwifes have found them particularly helpful with women who may have engorged or uncomfortable breast.
Breast-Warmers then became a stock item in the hospital due to the increase in the demand.
The Midwifes from the ward conduct a postnatal visiting service in women’s homes following discharge from the hospital.Midwifes report that the Breast-warmers are a valuable item to assist with breastfeeding.

Jill Banks

Nurse Unit Manager Midwifery; Paediatrics Bunbury Regional Hospital, Bunbury WA Australia