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The Zaky compliments the purpose of the Kangaroo Care by improving the well being of the child and fomenting the involvement of the parents in his/her care.

Clemencia Mayorga

M.D.Director, Pediatric Outpatient Programs including Mother Kangaroo Militar University Nueva Granada, University Hospital

You can see it in the monitors how it helps; it brings the babies’s heart rate down. It helps them feel more sedate.

Karen Martin

RN Developmental Coordinator, NICU Memorial Hermann Children′s Hospital USA

The way to diminish the stress, the anxiety, and the restlessness of babies is preferably by positioning them so that they are comfortable and feel secure. Babies seem to enjoy very much the fact that we are providing boundaries for them, they are able to keep an adequate position, and The Zaky is a very soft touch.

Dr. Fernando Moya Richard Mithoff

Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Neonatology Services at New Hanover Regional Medical Center Professor of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina and Coastal Area Health Education Center 1997- 2005 director of University of Texas-Houston’s Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine and Director of the NICU at the Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital Houston

We had the parents hold The Zaky to absorb their scent.  We then cuddled Carmelo with The Zaky. He stayed snug and comforted. With the Zaky the families get the experience of being involved in their child’s care, especially in an environment where their control is taken away from them.

What I like most about The Zaky is the flexibility of positioning and my favorite use is behind the back with the “hand” on the head. The babies that benefit the most from The Zaky are the preemies. The other positioning items we use are not as heavy. Good positioning is vital in the NICU-this item provides great support! It helps the babies very much!

Elysa Miller

RNC, Jackson Hospital, Montgomery, AL, USA

What I like most about The Zaky is the ease of positioning.

My favorite use/position of The Zaky is around the baby’s back for “nesting”, it stays in place when placed this way. The main difference between The Zaky and other items I use to comfort the babies is that it is soft and pliable. Good weight need no other equipment. The Zaky is simple to use both by staff and parents. It gives babies boundaries providing security. The Zaky is something very personal parents can give their infant when there is very little else they can do.

Other than preemies, babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome could benefit from using The Zaky.

Lorri Bottell

Senior Staff Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Singleton Hospital Swansea, Wales United Kingdom

The Zaky is able to simulate therapeutic hold. That is what I like most about it.

Derenda Hodge

Nurse Educator, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Nashville, TN, USA

The Zakys are awesome. The parents love them.  We use The Zaky on our large surgical patients. The Zaky offers security for them…like a “Buppy”. What I like most about The Zaky is that it is a hand and it can be washed. The arm of The Zaky is used as a boundary with the hand cradling the head. The babies that benefit the most from The Zaky are all especially those requiring some boundary or nesting.

The main difference between The Zaky and other items I use to comfort the babies is the length, much softer, is like a Mom’s hand providing touch. The Zaky help me in my job as it helps to provide boundaries and comfort irritable babies. The families especially like it. They feel we and they are offering something special for their baby. It offers much support and help.

Trish Carr

NICU Manager, Driscoll Children′s Hospital, Corpus Christin, Texas, USA

For two years I have been using The Zaky as a positioning and comfort device and it acts as a positioning device by simulating the softness and gentle pressure of mom’s touch.

The Zakys are ideal for cradling the infant’s small head while the forearm is useful as a positioning aid against the baby’s back or as a snuggle device inside the baby’s nest.

The Zaky has proven beneficial to both patient and nurse as it calms and comforts the infant.

Anderson Mann

RNC, NICU Level 3 Nurse

What a genius creation! 

The nursing staff and child life specialists are so ecstatic about its multipurpose use. The Zakys are certainly most appropriate for our patients’ use.

Rita Goodrich

Director, General Services Shriners Hospital for Children

The Zaky meets all infection control requirements for being a safe, therapeutic aid.

The Zaky is washable unlike the multitude of stuffed animals brought in by parents and used by the staff as positioning or comforting aids, for supporting tubes and other patient care equipment.

Kathy Ware

RN, CIC Infection Control Nurse for Level 2 and 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston USA

We have used The Zakys for the last 6 months, our moms and dads love them.

They settle the babies, especially those withdrawing from drug abuse. (NAS- Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome)

Wendy Nye

Nursery Nurse, Birmingham Women′s Hospital, Birmingham, England